A roadmap for your next great idea

Cost: Starting at $2,500

It’s hard to create new products that succeed.

42% of start-ups still fail because they’ve built a product people don’t need. Even with access to marketing data being cheaper and technology being easier to build, there are still hundreds of products that you find hard to use, ineffective, and frustrating.


You might have a ton of ideas, but you don’t know which ones are great.

Creating innovative products means building better solutions for existing problems or problems people didn’t even know they had. Unfortunately, most failed innovations start with pursuing an idea that wasn’t the right one to begin with, because it didn’t really solve people’s problems in a way that they wanted.

Great ideas start with a plan.

Digital products aren’t successful unless they are part of a larger business or organization that supports it. You would never build an entire house without a blueprint, so why do so many people invest time, money, and resources in developing a product without one?


What if…

What if you could feel confident about pitching your idea in front of customers, partners, and investors without a working product?


What if you could communicate your user’s behaviors, motivations, and goals better than they could, and knew what you wanted to build was what people wanted?


What if you could build deep relationships with your customers before you even have a product, and start proving your business model without technology?



Blueprint is a roadmap for your next great idea.

Combining the best methods in Lean Start-up, Design Thinking, and Agile Development, we help you create a comprehensive plan for designing and building products people need.

What you get


We create models of your ideal user that reflects real people’s behaviors, motivations, and needs, based on real  research. Personas put people at the center of your product and informs the decisions you make when designing, building, and marketing technology.


Technical Recommendations

Unsure of what technology to leverage or which platforms to build? We create a high-level roadmap with the most cost-effective ways for you to get your product to market, including timelines and specific frameworks.


Brand Guide

We work with your team to build consensus on the vision, mission, and goals and build a basic brand guide that serves as the foundation for your branding and positioning.


Usability Testing

We watch and record your users using your product and your competitors’ products, gathering deep insight on what works and what doesn’t. You’ll be able to find opportunities and solutions you wouldn’t get from traditional surveys.


Competitive Audit

We conduct deep dives into what your competitors or similar organizations are doing to identify what they’re doing right and where they’re falling short. This includes looking at their overall strategy, brand, and technology.



Gain a competitive advantage

First impressions are important, especially for new products. A poor user experience will have a negative impact on your brand and people expect a great experience, especially when competitors are just a click away. Understanding why people want a product and how they’re going to use it means you can create a better experience for them, and developing deep relationships with your customers puts you ahead of the pack.


Save money on product design and development

Great products are built on focus – not trying to be everything for everyone, but the right thing for the right people. We help you focus your attention on the most effective parts of your product that need to be created or improved, saving you time and money on features that aren’t important and decisions that have already been made.


A true north for your team

Teams come in all forms and sizes, but to be effective, they need to share the same vision. By putting your users at the center of your product, you’ll be able to build consensus and commitment with your team, communicate better with your stakeholders, developers and designers, and determine what the product will do and how it will work.


What you can use our Blueprint for

  • Creating marketing and sales materials and developing relationships with users before you’ve even launched a product
  • Validating your business model by serving your customers in ways that don’t rely on technology
  • Crafting a pitch for your product to raise funding and engage potential customers, investors, and partners